Friday, March 18, 2011

My Girls... Comments are welcome and encouraged!

These are my girls. I started them after doing Valentina and they are insprired by my little girl and her 2 best friends when she was 3-5 years old. I wanted to get across the playful whimsy and freedom of being a little girl. These 3 are Lauren, Allison & Gemma  
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I am kind of stuck on this one, Lauren. I wanted to show movement of a layered skirt with tons of fullness. As I do not know how to sew, I used some mesh screen and decoupaged printed paper and fabric onto it, while attaching tulle underneath. I did not like how it all came together around the waist so made an apron to pull it together.. I HAVE BEEN STUCK on this. I'm almost ready to rip the layers of skirt off and leave it as a short dress as the other girls forms are. I have completed the blue decoupaged pattern that is shown on her bodice and arms all the way down.     Advise???
I'm really looking forward to completing Gemma. I love how her form has turned out and envision a bird sitting on her arm. I will probablly add a crown or hat.

Thinking of adding a head scarf to her hair.


  1. I love this doll. I wouldn't change a single thing :) I really like the tousled look of her dress. I think it adds a bit of whimsy. I personally don't think she needs a head scarf. I say she is done and move on to Gemma!!!!!

  2. Thank you Giella, we need to stand back sometimes and take a fresh look. It's hard when we are so involved in a project.