Adventures in mixed media

This is Valentina....

 This is Valentina, my daughter wanted something different from the typical decorated shoe box for her Valentine cards last year, thus Valentina was created.
She was a lot fun to make, using paint and mediums I had already experimented with as well as many new ones and a lot of trial and error.

Her dress was an adventure all on it's own. I decoupaged a collage of printed paper for her bodice and created her under skirt using paper I shaped and then covered with the plaster webbing. My daughter painted the skirt with her own color selection. Lovely bright colors that needed a bit of toning down to go with the bodice. That is where the top layer came into play. I dyed and starched some cheesecloth strips and added a bit of sparkle with glitter. (just to tone down the color a bit.)

Her skirt, the base form, is made of a large plastic protein powder container with the top lid facing down. this way the Valentines could easily be placed in the slot of her skirt and removed from the bottom by unscrewing the lid.
This was the first time I had used clay. To smooth her face over the paper mache. I had trouble with her nose and lips.

I made her crown with newspaper lined with card stock and painted it. I really wanted that homemade crown look to it.

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